If there are any questions that we can help you to answer, please feel free to contact us, either online or at one of our convenient store locations. Our service staff will be happy to help!

Do you carry brand name eyeglass frames?
Yes, we have a wide selection of brand name frames for adults and children.

Do you carry rimless eyeglasses?
Yes, we carry both rimless and semi-rimless frames.

Do you carry sunglasses?
Yes, we carry sunglasses. Any one of our frames can be made into prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, including polarized lenses.

Can I get a pair of safety eyeglasses at your retail locations?
Yes, we have a large selection of safety eyewear in plastic, metal, and titanium. They can be prescription or non-prescription and fitted with side shields.

What can I do if I have an allergy to metal frames?
If you are allergic to metal, we can fit you with one of our many plastic or titanium frames.

If I have a strong prescription, can I get the lenses thinner and lighter?
Yes, you can get high index lenses to help with the weight and the thickness. There are many different kinds of high index lenses to choose from. Also, careful frame selection can minimize the lens thickness.

Can I have new lenses put in my current frames?
Yes, as long as your current frames are in good shape, we can customize our lenses to give you a perfect fit.

What is the best way to clean my eyeglasses?
We sell special cleaning cloths and lens-cleansing solution to help you keep your glasses clean. You should also wash your glasses once or twice a month in warm, soapy water. Be sure to rinse well and dry them with a soft cloth.

What are progressive lenses?
Progressive lenses are bifocals with no lines. The lenses have seamless transitions from near, immediate, to distant vision.

Can I get glasses that turn into sunglasses when I go outside?
Yes, we carry the latest leading brand names in photochromic lenses (you may be most familiar with the popular brand, Transitions™, which we also carry). Photochromic lenses rely on UV light to change from light to dark. The level of change will depend on the amount of UV light. These are not meant to replace sunglasses used for driving. The UV protector on your windshield blocks most of the UV light which will prevent photochromic lenses from darkening correctly.

Do you carry contact lenses?
Yes, we carry most major brands of contacts, including colored contact lenses.

Do I need to have my eyes examined by your doctor for contacts?
Yes, since the contact lens exam requires certain eye measurements, we require our doctor to do the exam. Contacts may take more than one fitting to determine the best and most comfortable fit.

Do you have prescription sports goggles?
Yes, we carry Rec-Specs Sports Goggles than can be fitted with almost any prescription.

What are the benefits of anti-reflective (AR) coating?
The most important benefit of AR coating is the relief your eyes get from fatigue and eyestrain caused by glare. The coating also aids in night-time driving by eliminating harsh reflections from street lights and on-coming headlights. Read the full article