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RO Digital Free Form Progressive

At Rochester Optical, we are committed to offering you the best possible vision, which is why we are proud to offer the RO Digital Free Form progressive lens.

Our lens has a true 100% back surface Free Form design, with the progressive design digitally surfaced onto the back of the lens. With stunning optical quality and a viewing area 20-30% larger than a conventional progressive, the RO Digital lens will give you the clearest and most natural vision available in any progressive lens.

Because the RO Digital lens can accommodate most frame sizes, it is the ideal choice for any style, from the classics to the newest fashions in eyewear. The RO Digital lens is available in a wide variety of materials, including Grey and Brown Transitions, as well as Grey and Brown Polarized.  We are also pleased to introduce the RO Digital in the Drivewear lens in both CR-39 and Polycarbonate.

What are Free Form lenses?

Free Form lenses are lenses which have a spherical front curve and the progressive power digitally surfaced onto the back of the lens.

Free Form lenses are generated to much more precise designs than conventional progressives.  This precision minimizes the amount of distortion and aberration inherent in progressive lenses.  This allows us to make lenses which are accurate to .01 diopters in power (conventional lenses are only accurate to .125 diopters in power).

In a Free Form progressive, the lens design is moved from the front of the lens to the back.  This eliminates front surface distortion and significantly expands the visual fields of the lens.

This means that peripheral distortion is eliminated in the distance portion of the lens and the aberration around the intermediate and near portions of the lens is reduced both in size and in severity. These combine to give back surface Free Form lenses a 20~40% wider viewing area across all portions of the lens.

Practical Benefits

How often have you wished you had more peripheral vision in your progressives?

How often have you had to turn you head to see beside you, or to see the side mirrors in your car?

How often have you wished you had a larger reading area in your progressives?

All of these issues are addressed by Free Form lenses.  While there is no progressive lens that eliminates all distortion, Free Form lenses have significantly less distortion than conventional progressives.  There is no distortion at all in the distance viewing area, giving you full peripheral vision in your lenses.  In the intermediate and near viewing areas, the distortion in greatly minimized, both in size and severity, significantly enlarging your intermediate and near viewing areas.

Free Form Definitions Clarified

There is a lot of confusion regarding Free Form lenses.  Just as not all HDTV’s are the same, not all Free Form lenses are the same.  Here are some definitions to help differentiate the different types of lenses:

  • Digitally Molded Lens: A traditionally molded progressive lens made using molds which have been created using digital software to create more accurate molds.  It is from these molds that the lens blanks are then made.  While this is the most accurate method to make a lens mold, these lenses are still merely conventional progressives.
  • Digitally Surfaced Lens: A traditional molded progressive surfaced on a digital generator using software to create more precise back curves in the lens.  However, these lenses still have all of the front surface distortion inherent in molded progressive lenses.  These are the most precisely made conventional progressives; however, they still do not offer the benefits of a true Free Form lens.
  • Free Form: A lens with a spherical front curve and the progressive power and design digitally surfaced on the back surface of the lens.  The most advanced and accurate lens designs available today.  Each is customized for the individual wearer to insure the least amount of distortion and the greatest visual acuity.